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When I paint, I’m usually interested in things like humour and colour, and the construction of illusionistic spaces.  The world however, creeps in to become pretext, context and subtext to the construction of the paintings for me in the studio, then to their consumption by the viewer.  I poke around the internet for months, reading and collecting images and quotes, and what I find during this collecting process finally informs the production of the paintings. 

As a response to the narrow-minded fear-mongering of unimaginative, repressive, no-fun conservatives, I want to hang out with clowns and weirdos in the nude and make monsters appear in a silly, colourful, sexually ambivalent carnival of idiots.


The nature of painting, that is, coloured liquids organised on a flat surface to become a visual language, leads me to think about illusions… the illusion of depth in the picture, the illusion of figures in spaces…. These illusions then lead me back to thinking about the world.  The illusion that governments are motivated by the best interest of citizens (citizens, not clients); the illusion that Capitalism is normal, or that it is our only option; the illusion of time, space, finance, nationality and/or separation.  



Sometimes the appropriate response to reality, said Philip K. Dick, is to go insane.



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